ALCard is a project to remodel an Japanese Oldschool trading card vending machine called Card Dass so that it can produce letterpress art cards..

Albatro Art Dassは日本の古いトレーディングカードの自動販売機を活版印刷カードが出るように改造し、活版とアートの関係を気軽に楽しめるようにしたアートプロジェクトです。


色や紙を変えて印刷することでデザインとの組み合わせは無限大になります。 手触りと立体感のあるアートカードをお楽しみください。


Albatro Art Dass is a project that modifies a Japanese oldschool trading card vending machine so that it can produce letterpress art cards, making it easy to enjoy the relationship between letterpress and art.

The art cards also have the name of the paper on the back, so you can use them as paper samples or printing samples.

There are eight different designs, but the combinations of paper and color can be infinite.
Please enjoy the tactile and three-dimensional feel of the art cards.

Original ALCard Lineup

Where to Find ALCard Machine